It all depends on the lifestyle you would like to achieve.


You might decide you want to spend most of your time with your family or doing your favourite hobby. You can easily achieve that by finding just one small Letting Agency as a regular client. They’ll give you about several jobs per month, which will provide you with a small income freeing your time to do the things you love.


But you can also decide to work full-time and you can achieve that by finding 3-4 regular clients. You can also build a large business by signing up more Letting Agents as the time goes and outsourcing work to other freelance Inventory Clerks.


When working as an Inventory Clerk you are paid a fee for each inspection/report. The average fee is about £100 and it doesn’t matter how quickly you can do the job. Once you gain some experience you’ll be able to do an inspection of 1-2bed property in 30-40min and to prepare a report in just a few hours.


A small Letting Agency usually has at least a few new tenancies per week. And during a tenancy the Inventory Clerk visits a property to inspect it and prepare a report on 4 different occasions:


Before the start of a tenancy

To inspect the property and to prepare an Inventory.


At the start of the tenancy, together with the new Tenants

To check the contents of the already prepared Inventory and to get the Tenants to sign it.


During the period of the tenancy

To check if the Tenants are taking a good care of the property and to prepare a Mid-term report.


At the end of the Tenancy, when the tenants move out

To inspect the property and to prepare a Check-Out report with any changes or damage.


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Sample Price Guide:


Potential earnings based on the number of jobs performed per week:



Jobs per week             Per week       Per month Per annum

At £80.00 per job


2 jobs per week              £160                £693             £8,320


Part-time – 1 job per       £400              £1,733           £20,800

day/5 jobs per week


Full-time – 2 jobs            £800              £3,466           £41,600

per day/10 jobs

per week

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Each inspection/report is charged separately and generates additional income.

4555338874.gif 4555338875.gif http://www.youtube.com/InventoryClerkGuide Prices-2015