Work full-time, part-time or only several days per month.

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Watch our video! It will only take you 1min and 28sec.

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Earn £200-£300 or more per day!


The average fee is about £100. A newly trained Clerk can easily make 2-3 inspections per day.

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FULL training & Step-by-step guide how to set up & how to find clients.                                                      


Once you have our package, you can use it again & again to train new people for your business.


We’ll give you a DVD to show you how the job is done in a real property – room by room, wall by wall, item by item.


With the DVD in 40min you will learn more than in any classroom course.  


You also get a 2nd DVD how to build your own Inventory Clerk website in less than an hour!


You can be up and running a business in 1 week.


                     Click and have a peek

You don’t need any previous experience or formal qualifications. All you need is some basic knowledge in order to produce accurate reports. And this is where we can help:


why our package is the BEST?

Because it's different from anything else that’s on the market:


You don’t have to buy any expensive equipment.


You won’t need office you can work from home.


You won’t have to spend money on advertising and marketing.


This is not a franchise and there will be no ongoing fees.


You’ll only have to pay £395 and you’ll get a lot for it.

Low start-up cost!

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